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The Racketeers – it’s goodnight from them

After several fantastic years The Racketeers have decided to disband.

We’ve all thoroughly enjoyed our time together and become good friends but events have conspired and we have decided to call it a day. Many thanks to everyone who has supported us over the years and to the venues that were brave enough to book us. We hope we have given you some happy memories along the way.

Ironically 2015 had been our most successful yet, playing 23 gigs culminating in a marvellous New Year’s Eve party at The Kings Head, Kings Stanley.

This website will continue to run as a mark of our achievements.

We’re glad we went out on a high. So …

You’ve been the audience … We’ve been The Racketeers … Good night!

The Racketeers, New Year’s Eve, The Kings Head, Kings Stanley 2015-2016



The Racketeers have been gigging regularly since the end of 2008 and have built up a strong, loyal local following.  Original members Paul (drums), Robin (lead vocals, guitar, percussion and harmonica) and Simon (bass and vocals) were joined by guitarist and singer Shaun Cook in 2010.

The band, specialising in music from the 1960s and ‘70s, have played over 100 gigs since forming and are an ideal choice for any party – they provide recorded music before and between sets which can be tailored to your choice.

The Racketeers have played many local pubs and clubs, beer festivals, steam rallies, wedding receptions, birthday parties, charity and corporate events and beer festivals (we like beer festivals).  Constantly rehearsing and adding new material you can guarantee that you’ll get a unique experience every time they play!

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